ClamAV Antivirus Reviews

ClamAV Antivirus Reviews

Powerful and reliable antivirus is the basis for safe use of the Internet and the system in general, This article will provide a review of popular ClamAV Antivirus.

What is ClamAV Antivirus?

E-mail is now the usual way for many people to exchange information. It can provide the necessary efficiency and reliability for business or private correspondence. The main problem associated with the use of e-mail is viruses and spam, the share of which in e-mail traffic reaches 85% today and is constantly growing.

To combat them, various antivirus complexes are used, including the Clam AntiVirus antivirus package. For example, it is used in the RIAR corporate network to protect the mail and proxy traffic. There is a growing need for its use to protect client computers, due to the growing popularity of the Unix operating system (various clones of Linux, FreeBSD).

ClamAV is a free, open-source, cross-platform antivirus that includes a command-line scanner and an antivirus record update module. The application was developed for Unix-like systems, but later versions were created for such operating systems: Windows, Linux, OS X, BSD, and Solaris.  The main purpose of the antivirus is to protect your computer from mail viruses. This antivirus can be built into any mail client (The Bat, Outlook, etc.), after which all incoming messages to the user will be automatically scanned by the software and isolated when threats are detected. In addition, this anti-virus tool is also used to protect mail servers running in a Windows environment (as a rule, server versions). The second purpose of the ClamAV antivirus is to search for virus programs on your computer (hard drives and any external drives). However, the PC scan function is started manually.

Clam AV has the following features:

  • The software has a high level of virus and spyware detection;
  • The Clam Sentinel add-on adds real-time monitoring and heuristics to the functionality, the essence of which boils down to the fact that the program monitors changes on the disk and transfers the added files for scanning. Clam Sentinel also adds to the functionality of checking removable USB drives.
  • ClamAV without Clam Sentinel is not intended for stand-alone protection, therefore it can be used as an additional means of protection with any antivirus;
  • You can configure a periodic antivirus scan on a schedule through the scheduler;
  • Automatic updating of antivirus databases;
  • Integration with Windows Explorer to scan any object through the context menu with the right mouse button;
  • An optional plug-in for Microsoft Outlook to delete the infected email.

ClamAV: pros and cons

Let’s highlight the main advantages of ClamAV:

  • free of charge;
  • the ability to use with most mail servers, including the implementation of the milter interface for Sendmail;
  • the scanner in the form of a C library;
  • scanning of files and mail “on the fly”, high scanning speed;
  • the distributed structure of the central repository of antivirus databases;
  • detection of over 100,000 viruses, worms, Trojans, phishing messages;
  • analysis of compressed files RAR (2.0, 3.0), Zip, Gzip, Bzip2, MS OLE2, MS Cabinet, MS CHM (compressed HTML) and MS SZDD;
  • support for scanning mbox, Maildir, and “raw” mail files;
  • analysis of Portable Executable files packed with UPX, FSG, or Petite.

The disadvantages of ClamAV include the lack of a software package for centralized management of the “network” of anti-viruses and maintaining a local repository of anti-virus databases, the so-called “Control Center”. It should be noted that most commercial products of this class have already implemented this feature.