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Dog Kennel for a Large Territory

For the dog to live comfortably in a private home, it is necessary to properly equip the aviary. This is a outdoor kennels for dogs that the animal needs for sleep and relaxation, active pastime and eating.

What is a Dog Kennel

The kennel is a universal territory (with or without a roof) fenced around the perimeter with high deaf and open walls, on which the dog can stay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main principle observed during the construction of enclosures is that the area of ​​the pen depends on the size of the pet. But this is far from the only condition.

As you know, the pen should advise the size of the dog. Namely:

  • For small breeds, there is a corral up to 6 square meters.
  • For medium – up to 10 square meters.
  • For large – over 10 squares.
  • Any size dog kennel may have:
  • one open wall;
  • two open walls;
  • three open walls.

At least one corral wall must be blank to protect the dog from wind, rainfall and give the animal a kind of “protection”

Which Dogs Need Large Kennels?

Large dog kennel (shepherd, mastiff, labrador, Bernese mountain dog, etc.) occupy large areas.

The fact is that large dogs cannot be kept in the house. They need space and freedom, otherwise, they begin to behave aggressively, which is unsafe for the owner and his family.

For a big dog, you need a big corral. Its area exceeds 10 square meters, the height of the walls is at least 2.5 meters (possibly even 3). The rest of the requirements do not differ from the basics of creating pens for medium dogs: 3 open walls and one closed so that the dog is warm. The floor is cement with insulation and wooden boards on top. The enclosure must be covered so that the dog can winter inside.

Necessary Tools

When making an enclosure for a large dog, you will need standard tools, from a hammer to a hammer drill. The list is no different from the tools that are used to create an aviary for a small or medium dog. A welding machine is necessary in this case. Without it, it will be impossible to weld the mesh to the pipes.

If a dog kennel is built with love and conscience – the dog will like it. Inside it will be comfortable and safe, which will affect the general well-being of the dog. He will be calm and focused. Do not forget about basic care measures for the corral. Clean at least once a day, regularly clean up your four-legged pet’s vital products.