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VPN Comparison

Nordvpn vs pia

VPN or Virtual Private Network is used to keep your internet surfing safe, secure and private for you. Through VPN internet data passes in an encryption mood for which no one is able to track you on the internet. One of the biggest advantages is, though VPN you can change your IP address as well as locations. NordVPN is a Panama based very popular VPN service. It comes with good speed, strong encryption, and privacy. It does not keep any kinds of logs to their server. It has their server at almost in 62 countries. PIA or Private Access Network is also a well-known VPN service. It is a United States based company which provides very well VPN services giving you 7 days money back guarantee. While we are comparing these two VPN services, we have found some pros and cons of them.

Pros of NordVPN Service:

User-friendly apps support: NordVPN has developed very user-friendly apps for its users. With it, you can easily use the VPN service and monitor the VPN connection and Location at a time.

Having 30-day money-back guarantee: NordVPN gives you 30days money back guarantee offer to its user, and if they don?t like it, they can change it.

Double-hop VPN servers: NordVPN has double-hop VPN server which ensures a very reliable and fast VPN service.

Tor-over-VPN servers: Tor-over-VPN servers ensures strong privacy and encryption of data transfer every time you connect with it.

24/7 live chat support: NordVPN gives you 24 hours live chat support, where you can resolve any issue regarding your VPN services efficiently.

No logs keeping: NordVPN keeps no logs for your internet surfing, by this it serves the real purpose of VPN services.

Works with Netflix: NordVPN works very well on surfing Netflix. It has no issue regarding seeing Netflix with NordVPN.

Competitive price: Nord charges very reasonable prices for their various packages. It comes with 3 plan, 1 month, 1 year and 2 years.

Ad blocking feature: NordVPN has ad blocking services with their VPN. It prevents unwanted ads while you are using the internet.

Cons of NordVPN service,

Variable speeds with some servers: NordVPN has no issue regarding their services and VPN server. But country wise it lacks some speeds.

Pros and Cons of PIA

Pros of PIA VPN

  • Low price ($2.91 per month): PIA provides very low price plan with strong encryption process and decent features.
  • No logs: PIA keeps no logs of the users as some other VPN does. Keeping no logs means, it serves the actual purpose of the VPN.
  • Some decent security and privacy feature: It provides a very well organized and good user-friendly features.
  • Adblocker (but very minimal): PIA also provides Ad blocker features for the user. But it is unable to block all the features.

Cons of PIA VPN;

  • Based in the US: PIA VPN is mainly based on US servers
  • Poor support: It has very poor customer support, which is a drawback
  • Limited on features: Compare to other VPN service, PIA VPN is limited on features