Top Antivirus Solutions for Small Business and Big Enterprises

Top Antivirus Solutions for Small Business and Big Enterprises

Small and medium businesses can become quite a profitable target for cyberattacks. Therefore, it is highly recommended to determine the best antivirus related to your end business.

What Advantages Can You Rich with the Top Antivirus Solutions?

Virus threats are quite diverse. To date, there are viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans, phishing programs, ransomware viruses, as well as miners that have appeared relatively recently. Virus infection can lead to negative consequences – both financial losses for the company and confidential security leaks. Computers of ordinary users, as well as large corporate networks, are sometimes subjected to hacker attacks. To achieve their goals, attackers use malicious programs and files. With these viruses, scammers can do the following:

  • performing actions from your computer;
  • receiving confidential information;
  • embezzlement of your funds;
  • blackmail owners of PCs and mobile devices.

When computer software assumes that families will not be hacked, you will be the first target. Data thieves attack small businesses for good reason. Many small businesses and organizations make the most of low-quality antivirus tools and have only recently stopped using them. The listed advantages of virtualization enable the organization to create sustainable competitive advantages and increase its competitiveness not only in the field of innovative technologies but also in the process of using information, managing changes, finance, human resources, and others.

The Main Characteristics of Top Antivirus Solutions

There are different antivirus solutions, but in fact, all antivirus programs can do the same thing:

  • Real-time protection.

Antivirus protects devices from common virus threats (worms, Trojans, botnets) and “bad” programs (rogue antiviruses, adware, rootkits, etc.).

  • Data security and payment security.

The software protects important information during work and online banking, does not let ransomware through, blocks network attacks, and warns of phishing links where your data can be stolen.

  • Web protection.

It involves checking all traffic, visited sites, downloaded files, and applications for threats. The development of the organization’s competitiveness is a process of constant changes that need to be motivated, stimulated, and generated.

Which Are the Best Antivirus Solutions for Small and Big Businesses?

  1. McAfee.

Among solutions from McAfee for the corporate segment, we can highlight the product McAfee Endpoint Protection for SMB. This end-to-end automated solution gives companies the ability to protect their business from cyber threats without having to spend money on maintaining an entire security department.

  1. Bitdefender.

Another prominent representative of antivirus software is Bitdefender, based in Romania. The antivirus engine developed by the company is used in many other antiviruses around the world, and this may indicate the quality and reliability of the software they create.

  1. Norton.

For most, Norton is not an unfamiliar name, as it has a long and somewhat dubious reputation as an information security company. In recent years, it has improved its performance somewhat and is now a reliable product suitable for widespread adoption.

  1. Defender.

Defender for Business is advertised as an enterprise-level computer security system, but with a simple interface and at an affordable price. The system works not only on Windows computers but also on Macs and iOS and Android mobile devices.

  1. Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Lab decided to make its contribution to support small businesses that have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and provide small companies and entrepreneurs with free licenses for Kaspersky Small Office Security to protect against malware and information leaks.