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VPN for Android

VPN is the crucial tool which you need to have at the disposal like the internet user. It may be useful when you require to connect to the less-than-secure public Wi-Fi network. When you do not feel comfortable with the internet provider, to know the websites and visit it is the best. The VPN experts get the opinion about the best VPN for the Android users. When you require to dig more profound, you can go to the website to get in-depth reviews concerning the VPN services. Here is the best VPN for Android.


ExpressVPN becomes the most trusted VPN in the world, which consistently outshines its competition. This Android app offers reliable and fast speeds, first-rate security, together with being the biggest network in the market. It has more than 3,000 servers in the 160 locations for 94 countries. When you want to set it up, it becomes straightforward for you can download this app from Google Play store or download it on the website using secure APK. They have got step-by-step instruction for each version of the Android, including the Android TV for the unblocking streaming media in a big screen. 


It is the best option which you can have for the VPN for Android. It has high download speed, which makes it to be the fastest option out there, as Android app is user-friendly and straightforward. There are some crucial privacy features like DNS leak protection and VPN kill switch which are not presently available for the Android. It is about $2.99 every month on the 3-year plan, which is best for the budget.


It is the best VPN for Android in the market nowadays. With the download speed of upto 259Mbps, it is starting to compete with the premium rivals on the pace, and also it works with the well-known streaming services such as Netflix. Privacy-wise is also the safe choice, with the strict zero-logs policy. It has the low price of about $2.75 every month, which is the excellent value for your money.


This is the best choice for torrenting and Kodi because of the fast speed, suite of the privacy tools, and strict no-logs policy. While it is quick on the local connections, it is less consistent over long distance. It is pretty slick but you will get more options of user-friendly available. It is on a pricey side, though the best choice for the Android users who are interested in privacy, excellent local performance, and P2P.

Hotspot shield

It is the well-established VPN that caters the necessary privacy requirements and the limited budget. The paid version offers the best performance on both the local and the international connections, working with many well-known streaming services. The server network typically is a bit smaller than some of the competitors, though it covers well-known locations. Free version has for long been much controversy for the past period, but paid option typically work very hard in the way of regaining the trust from the users.

Private Internet AccessThis VPN for Android is known for the high speeds. It can maintain 81% of the connection speed being 100 Mbps when tested on the PC. When you are looking for the fastest Android VPN, then you are supposed to give Private Internet Access the high rate. The app likewise has the 4.0 rating in a Play Store where people like it.